Travel Products

B2C :- understanding the requirements of travel passionates, the online software is built to assist the bookings of flight, hotels, buses and other needfuls at their fingertips. Functioning as a one-stop solution for a traveller, the software manages all their bookings, itinerary, logs in a well-organized manner. The application is successful in being user-friendly to guide, assist and manage the travel folks around the globe.

  • Keep calm and you are assured of availing our value-based prices in the market. Our experts always work for your cost-effective deals.
  • Best price guarantee
  • Trust and safety While our passengers' security and well-fare being the top priority we take care of you in all possible ways to make your trip completely risk-free.
  • Honest agent We are being successful in incorporating the customer-friendly principles and keeping the services in integrity.
  • 24*7 Support we are accessible all the time,utilize our services at your fingertips anytime and be obstacle-free.
  • B2B is an online booking engine where various travel agencies can search and book their requirements online. Also known as IBE, the engine aggregates and distributes the information of flights, hotels, bus etc to the agents, which later can be used by them to connect to their global clients and create bookings. Our travel portal software is designed to be integrated into leading GDS systems like TravelPort and other third-party APIs/XML and LCCs.
  • B2B is an online booking system to benefit customized requirements for Travel agencies around the world. This platform being called as IBE, channels the needy information of flights, hotels, buses and much more to the Agents. Accordingly they are able to fetch new clients and bookings comfortably. The software is being flexible to integrate with third-party APIs/XML ,LCCs and major GDS systems like TravelPort.
  • 24*7 Support we are accessible all the time,utilize our services at your fingertips anytime and be obstacle-free.
  • Corporate: is an online tool for all corporate travel needs, enabling smooth and easy travel bookings for executives on behalf of their organization. will help you efficiently create corporate profile, as per the policies of your firm. It is built based on the approval matrix as per the needs of the corporates.

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